“The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

ben browning

My father and Grandfather were both keen hobbyist photographers as I was growing up. 'Opi' as we called him, had emigrated from Germany in the 50's and photographed basically every moment since. My dad's interest in technology and 'gadgets' had meant as children, there was always a camera pointed at us.

I remember buying a dusty old SLR from a village fete when I was 6 or 7. I didn't understand the dials but I would take it everywhere, pretending to photograph everything. 'Loading' film, winding it on and snapping a way.

In seeing my young obsession, cameras became a prominent part of christmas and birthday presents. Film at first. I still remember the excitement and the thrill of dropping the canisters at boots and the long wait to get them back.

I was introduced to digital with what can only be described as the worst camera ever made; It would take 30 seconds to prepare the sensor, the flash was always on, the preview screen was almost irrelevant and it worked at about 1 megapixel.

Several years later I was gifted my granddads old Olympus OM2, taught myself how to use it and never looked back. A camera I used for many years, through my A-levels and was only replaced as I left for University. (Although it came with me and is still used when I can).

Shooting now on Canon, I enjoy all walks of photography. My camera is always at my side. It is a passion and a love that I have managed to turn into a vocation.

I am at my happiest with my camera in my hands.


I will always try to meet any request, big or small. Every job is different and I will base time and cost accordingly. 

I specialise in:

- Weddings
- Headshots (business or actor)
- Company Portfolio
- Production Stills
- Fashion

No matter how accomplished I become, I will always value experience and enjoy collaboration. Please don't hesitate to put forward projects or work requests even if there is no funding as I understand just because there is no money, doesn't mean something shouldn't be done.